Why Choose Skippy Bins?

At Skippy Bins, we pride ourselves on our service. From the office staff to our drivers, we strive to give the best service possible.We have competitive pricing and are upfront with all costs associated with hiring a Skippy bin. We recycle as many products as possible to ensure less waste goes to landfill.

How quick can I get a Skippy Bin delivered?

If you contact our office before 10am, we can usually do same day delivery for you. Otherwise we guarantee next day delivery.

What areas do you delivery Skippy Bins to?

We service all of Canberra as well as surrounding areas such as Queanbeyan and Murrumbateman.

How do I know which size Skippy Bin I need?

Need help with deciding the best size for your needs? Simply contact us and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you and suggest the best size for your needs. Alternatively, visit our Bin Sizes and Pricing page and this will give you the dimensions of our bins as well as approximately how many box trailer loads the Skippy Bin will hold.

Can Skippy Bins be filled with building materials such as concrete, tiles, etc.?

You can certainly place these materials into a Skippy Bin.  Visit our Bin Sizes and Pricing page or call our office on (02) 6255 4666 & we will be happy to provide you with pricing & some helpful information.

What can’t I put into a Skippy Bin?

We do not accept Asbestos, Paint in liquid form, Car Batteries, Gas Bottles, Household Chemicals or Fuel Can containing Fuel. For more information on where to dispose of these materials, please refer to our Information Sheet.

Are Mattresses and Electricals, such as computers and TV’s allowed in a Skippy Bin?

Yes, we accept these products at no extra charge.

When are we required to pay for the Skippy Bin and what payment methods are accepted?

You are required to pay for the hire of your Skippy Bin at the time of delivery. You are more than welcome to pay over the phone at the time of your booking.
We accept payment by Cash, Visa Card & Mastercard. Please note there is a 1.2% surcharge when paying by Visa or Mastercard. If paying by credit card at the time of your booking, we will not deduct your credit card until the delivery has been made.

Are there Skippy Bins available with a door / walk in access?

There sure is. Skippy Bins from 4m3 upwards are available with a door. There is no extra charge for these types of bins. When booking your Skippy Bin, just mention you would like one with a door and we will ensure you get one.

Can the Skippy Bin be placed anywhere?

We can pretty much place a Skippy Bin anywhere you need as long as we have access. Most people opt to have the Skippy Bin placed in their driveway or on the nature strip.
If you require your Skippy Bin to be placed on a road or in a reserve, you will need to obtain the correct permits for this. Yopu can contact Canberra Connect to obtain the correct permits.

How much can we fill the Skippy bin?

You can fill the Skippy Bin to the top of rim (water level). Please do not  overfill the bin as this may result in our drivers not being able to pick the Skippy bin up & you will incur a fee. We have to ensure we can tarp our bins and that it can be transported in a safe manner.

Do we have to ring to get our Skippy bin taken away?

There is no need to ring to get your bin picked up. We automatically pick up the Skippy Bin at the end of the hire period. You are more than welcome to contact our office if you wish to have your Skippy Bin removed earlier.

What size are the trucks delivering a Skippy bin?

Our trucks range from 6t carrying capacity to 15t carry capacity. If you require further information in regards to the sizes of our trucks for access purposes, please contact our office.